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Model: Shei Phan

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anon tell me who you are the anticipation is killing me

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Anonymous asked: i could tell you who i was who asked, but you would judge me i think

I dont think i would judge you haha so dont worry just tell me hun

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This is the most important post that has ever existed.

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If a despair-crazed, murder-addicted bear knows your existence is important, then you should too.

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where was this when I was small enough to fit in it

you say that like i’m not gonna just awkwardly squeeze myself into it

if it worked for bowser, it’ll work for me

having worked at toys r us

i can assure you that size is no obstacle for adults wanting to hop on a kiddy toy

the grotesque contortions of the human bodies i have seen will chase me to the grave

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The Seasons on silk. 1896. Alphonse Mucha.

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Little Women (1994)

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Sailor Moon - Usagi and Luna. But instead using the original design I wanted to draw them in my style. Hope You like it! (Inspired by Sketch_Dailies, it was yesterday’s challenge)

Buy This Print here

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Addams inktober

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